A New Age - Reinventing the Soul Inn House Website

So as we start to make some exciting changes here at Soul Inn House, so too are we changing the website to better reflect our studio and our artists. We have a new artist starting this week, new apprentices coming on board and are going to be open on Sundays in the near future!

With this in mind, I was tasked with creating a website that would fit the aesthetic of our studio and really encompass the creativity of our artists. We decided to utilise Squarespace, as their Instagram integration means that we can showcase our artists work through their own instagram. 

This site design also allows us to blog! So we will be regularly tracking the journey our studio takes, highlight the professional lives of our artists and update you guys on new and exciting changes. This will also be an informative blog about tattoos, the tattoo world and body piercing. 

So stay tuned as there are great things ahead!