About you and your tattoo

First and foremost, we are excited to be working with you!

We want this to be a truly memorable experience for you, so please take the time to read the following information.

Preparing for your tattoo: Do your research. Before your consult gather as much reference material as necessary. If you require your tattoo to be drawn, be sure to give your artist ample time and some freedom to be creative! Creativity is fostered, not forced. The area to be tattooed needs to be free of any type of trauma ie sunburn, scrapes, fresh scars or open wounds. If your skin is prone to dryness, it is a good idea to regularly moisturise leading up to the day of your appointment.

24 hours before your Tattoo: SLEEP: Get lots of rest.  Tiredness leads to stress, stress makes your body less able to do the things it does naturally. Generally speaking, the less stressed your body is, the easier the whole process will be.

BOOZE: Be conscious of your alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking the night before your tattoo can lead to more bleeding during your tattoo, which makes for prolonged healing and possible colour loss in your tattoo.

FOOD: Eating is quintessential to being prepared for your tattoo. A well balanced meal should be eaten 1-2 hours prior to your tattoo appointment this includes drinking plenty of water to ensure proper hydration. Nutrition allows your body to regenerate the things it is using to cope with the tattoo process. Many artists recommend drinking orange juice prior to getting inked.

PERSONAL HYGIENE: Getting tattooed is a pretty intimate experience, don’t forget to shower.

POSSE: It’s fine to bring your well behaved friend to hold your hand, but more than one is an entourage and in most cases annoying and distracting for your tattooist.

About US and OUR tattoos

The following costs apply:

Consultations with our artists are free!

Booking/Deposit fee ( This payment gets taken off the total of your tattoo on the final session.)

Drawing Fee (for custom work only.)

We welcome your creativity but please note, you will be charged an extra drawing fee to have any changes made to your custom piece, once draw up has commenced.

Terms and Conditions:  The drawing fee is non-refundable once drawing has commenced.

The date and booking fee are transferable once, with a minimum of 5 business days notice.

Should you transfer the day more than once you will void your booking fee.

Should you cancel your booking within 5 business days, you will void your booking fee.

The drawing fee is inclusive of all relevant research and preparation required to create a one-off custom design. Any changes to your booking must be done via phone or in person with a Soul Inn House staff member.


 To ensure that your tattoo is at its best when completed, we offer tattoo touch-ups. The tattoo needs to be fully healed beforehand, this way it can settle into the skin and be properly assessed on what may need to be retouched.

All artists reserve the right to use their discretion on whether a touch up is necessary or not. If the artist feels they cannot identify an area that requires a touch-up they do not have to provide one.

Touch ups are offered up to 6 WEEKS after the initial tattoo date. Any date past this time period will incur a $50 fee.

Touch-Up Fee

 Due to the higher risk of potential dropout, a fee will apply to touch ups on the following areas;

·         Feet

·         Hands

·         Wrists

·         Ears

·         Neck

·         Knees

·         Elbows

·         “Super fine line” tattoos.

No Touch-Up Fee

Any location not listed above.

The healing process is just as important as the tattoo process, so it is essential to take responsibility ensuring that you follow our aftercare instructions provided. Upon leaving the studio, the body’s natural healing process begins (this is an individual process and healing can differ between clients). In the case of infection or patchy healing due to complacent aftercare, the artist has the right to charge an appropriate fee for the touch up (depending on the time needed to retouch the work).

Free touch up appointments are not available on weekends.

AfTer care instructions


After Inked Cream or Bepanthen and plastic cling wrap, is applied to the tattoo upon completion. This cover should remain on for the first 1-2 hours before being cleaned and replaced with a new one.

First 24 hours

During the first 24-hour period you can temporarily remove the cling wrap to clean the tattoo, 1-2 hours after being tattooed and the following morning.

Do not soak the tattoo.

The best place to clean your tattoo is in the shower. When washing your tattoo we recommend you use anti-bacterial pump soap and gently hand wash the tattoo.

To dry, gently pat the tattoo with a clean towel, then re-apply a thin layer of After Inked cream and re-cover with plastic cling wrap for the remainder of the 24-hour period.

Our 3 week healing process ‘Do’s’ & ‘Do not’s’

We want your tattoo to be the best it can be & recommend you follow the below professionals tips.

DO remember while your tattoo is healing it is an open wound. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo or applying antiseptic cream.

DO NOT swim in chlorinated or salt water.

DO NOT soak your tattoo

DO apply a thin layer of After Inked cream 3 times daily while the skin is regenerating and healing. Only apply more cream if the skin is prone to dryness.

DO NOT use a bar of soap as they carry a lots of bacteria.

DO NOT expose your tattoo to dirt dust, grease etc.

DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo. If your Tattoo becomes itchy wrap a clean tea towel full of Ice and apply to area as Ice will sooth the itch

DO NOT expose your tattoo to direct sunlight during the healing process.

After the 3 week healing process

Caring for your tattoo isn’t just for a week or two after it’s been done, it’s for life. The better condition your skin is in, the better the tattoo will look and last over the years.

Moisturise daily and always apply a sunscreen if you’re exposing your tattoo to sun (after the first 3 weeks). This will stop your tattoo from fading. SPF 30 + or Zinc is best.

If you require more aftercare information, please do not hesitate to contact us.